Nasato Consulting Ltd. was established in Canada in 2001 and brings over 30 years of global industry experience as a provider of solutions in sulfur recovery processes. We provide extensive experience in process engineering and trouble-shooting related to sulfur recovery and gas processing. Nasato Consulting Ltd. has been involved in the design, retrofit, start-up and optimization of sulfur recovery units, sulfur handling units, amine units, sour water stripper units and tail gas clean-up units in worldwide locations. We have extensive experience with on-site turnaround assistance, operator training and seminar training.

Our focus on process engineering and technology neutral consulting services allows us to address your specific issues in the most effective and low cost manner.


  • Alberta Sulfur Research Ltd. (ASRL)
  • Association of Engineers & Geoscientists of Alberta (APEGA)
  • Brimstone Sulfur Recovery Symposiums
  • Laurance Reid Gas Conditioning Conference (LRGCC)
  • Professional Engineers Ontario (PEO)